CIT + PRP Explained

The Vampire Facial quickly took the world by storm after Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her of her face speckled with blood a few years ago.

While most people were shocked about the image, the benefits of this anti-ageing treatment were mostly overlooked.

In this article, we explain what PRP is, what the benefits are, and how it can be paired with skin needling to reduce downtime.




Skin needling is a treatment that uses extremely fine, medical-grade, stainless steel needles that are both intricately constructed and extremely precise. This gently punctures the skin, creating tiny wounds that stimulate the body’s healing response. Not only does the treatment promote the regeneration of the skin cells, it also allows topical nutrients to absorb into the skin more readily, encouraging production of collagen and elastin.

CIT can be beneficial for a range of skin concerns, including scarring, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture and fine lines.

This process is pain-free and has minimal downtime. While there may be some redness and flakiness in the skin, this should quite superficial and subside within a week.


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This procedure is one of the most advanced, medical-grade skin treatments on the market. It uses the body’s own Platelet-Rich Plasma to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven skin tones & texture and saggy or loose skin.

The process involves taking a blood sample from the client, spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma then injecting it into the skin.

This acts as the body’s own anti-ageing serum, promoting a more youthful appearance. While it is a more invasive procedure that does require a week of downtime if injected, combining it with skin needling (or CIT) can significantly reduce the amount of time needed.


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Combining CIT + PRP allows you to enjoy the benefits of both treatments in just one session. The treatment will begin with a pass of the CIT pen to create openings in the skin. The PRP can then be topically applied before a second pass of the pen to help it absorb.


The benefit of this is that the CIT opens up the skin to allow the PRP, which acts as the body’s own anti-ageing serum, to penetrate deeply into the skin. This liquid contains high potency healing agents that will encourage the skin to heal even more quickly.



This is a great option for client’s who want advanced results with the least amount of down time. To give a comparison, while the treatments performed individually may require up to a week of downtime, the combination CIT + PRP should leave the skin completely healed in just a few days.


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