Navigating COVID-19

Your Commonly Asked Questions

If I have an appointment and no one has contacted me what happens?

We have sent out an email to all our clients, however if you haven’t heard from us don’t worry! We will be in touch again to advise when we will be open again. All appointments for the foreseeable future have now been cancelled.


How long will you be closed?

At this stage, we are following all government guidelines. We will send out an SMS and email to all clients to let you know as soon as we can reopen!


I just bought a new package of prepaids, will they be extended?

Yes! As soon as we reopen, we will be extending all prepaid sessions by 6 months!


Can I get a refund?

As per our terms and conditions, we do not offer refunds. However, due to the current situation we are happy to offer a credit note to clients to use on any treatments, products or services they wish once we reopen.

Laser Hair Removal

What happens if I miss my next Laser Hair Removal appointment due to COVID 19?

The hair will regrow usually around the time you were due for your next appointment. You have a couple of options here, firstly if the area is covered ie. legs or brazilian you could choose to let it grow and do nothing. If this isn’t an option for you, you could shave the area or wax it. Please note if you choose to shave the area, the hair may appear to come back thicker in the short term however this will resolve as soon as you have your next laser appointment. If you choose to wax the area, you’d need to ensure you wait approx 2 weeks from when you waxed to return for your next laser appointment.


Sometimes when I shave, I get itchy. Should I keep shaving?

This all depends on the area you are referring to. For example, if it’s the brazilian area you may notice that it will remain itchy due to the length of the hair irritating the skin. In this case, I’d suggest waxing or shaving. If you can get through the initial irritation, once the hair is passed a cm or so the itching may resolve on its own. You can exfoliate the area regularly to help the hair push through the skin and hopefully this will alleviate the itchy feeling for you.


What do I do for my ingrown hairs while I can’t get laser?

My best advice would be to use a good quality Glycolic or Lactic acid body scrub with some form of microbeads to assist in dislodging the dead skin and helping the hair push through. Please don’t perform any ‘at-home’ surgery, you may end up with an infection if you pick at the area due to the introduction of bacteria. Keep the area clean, exfoliate often and as soon as we open again you can have laser to fix this issue.

Laser Removal Men

I’ve been getting my face lasered for years, what do I do now?

I know this is going to be tough! But just remember there are so many of us in the same situation. To be honest, this is a tricky question because no two faces are the same. If you have a thick and coarse regrowth that grows rolex air king replica quite fast you might be best to try waxing to slow the regrowth down. If you have a fine and soft growth that grows quite slowly you could try bleaching to alleviate the look of the ‘shadow’. If you are somewhere in the middle and you’ve been lasering for a long time, I’d say try to go as long as you can. If you have odd dark hairs try cutting with scissors. My advice is unless you can possibly avoid it, please don’t shave. It will only make the hair darker and thicker and grow back faster!


If I shave, won’t the hair come back worse?

This depends on the area and the type of hair you have eg. If you have a course and thick growth, you may find the growth comes back the same but the frequency of growth is quicker. Unfortunately, some people just have a quicker hair growth cycle than others. Another potential reason the growth may appear worse is if the area is a hormonal area, such as the face or the brazilian area, then yes the hair will appear thicker and darker.


How do I shave for my brazilian?

Be careful, use lots of body wash to lather the area and ensure you are using a clean razor or new disposable razor. Shave along the grain not against the grain. Place one hand at the top of the pelvic area to stretch the skin, keeping the skin taught as you run the blade along the area. It’s much easier to shave in the shower, as the running water will help to rinse the shaven hair off the area. Never dry shave as this will lead to irritation. Once you have shaved the area, pat the area dry as normal. Follow with your favourite body moisturiser.


What razor should I be using for my face?

I would always advise against shaving the face as I worry this will thicken the growth or speed up the frequency of growth. I would always suggest if you absolutely had to, that you would use a new razor to do so. Please never use somebody else’s razor.


Do I put anything on after shaving?

Yes, please moisturise your skin post-shaving. Never use any vitamin A or active ingredients like Glycolic or Lactic acid as this may burn the skin.


I’ve only had 3 sessions, does that mean I’m starting again?

No, luckily no matter how long the time in between laser hair removal sessions, as soon as you have a laser session your hair will respond exactly as it would have you kept to the recommended schedule. Rest assured that no laser hair removal sessions are ever a waste. The results of laser hair removal will always be worth it!


I haven’t finished the full course, am I starting all over again? Did I just waste my money?

No, absolutely not! You will always see fantastic results from Laser Hair Removal. You’ve never wasted your money, because Laser delivers long-term results and the reduction is incremental. So, if you’ve had a few sessions already, don’t worry! As soon as COVID-19 is over, you’ll be able to get your appointments as usual and notice your fantastic results will continue as before!


Will I have to start my laser sessions at 4 weeks apart again?

This depends on where you were at in your hair growth cycles at the time of the COVID 19 interruption. At this stage we don’t know when we’ll be reopening, so once we do, we will be able to begin your treatment program again from where we left off.

Skin Treatments

Do you offer phone consultation or skype consultations?

We are available for FaceTime calls and phone consultations. The charge is $120 for one hour with our Cosmetic Nurse Zena. We would require payment prior to the appointment.


My skin is breaking out badly, and I’m not using make up every day?

See my advice for a great at-home facial below! Otherwise, as everyone is so different and to get the best advice I would suggest scheduling a FaceTime consultation with our team to get a personalised recommendation.


Best home facials?

Breaking out? Feeling dryer than usual? Join the club! Here are 4 of my top picks for an at-home facial routine you can do 1-2 times a week to keep the breakouts at bay.

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Hydrate Mask
  4. Serums & Moisturise.
Medical Aesthetic South Melbourne

Best home facial for Normal to Oily Skin?

Always begin your facial by washing your hands. We don’t want to begin our facial with dirty hands! Are you taking Essential Fatty Acids? Omega 3,6,7 and 9 are a fantastic way to assist the sebaceous gland (the gland responsible for creating the oil in your skin) to produce better quality oil. You will notice an improved difference in a soon as 7 days.

  1. Start with a double cleanse using either the Cosmedix Purity Clean or Dermaviduals Total Cleansing Cream.
  2. Follow with a scrub such as SkinBetter Science Detoxifying Scrub Mask. A clay-based scrub mask that uses naturally derived ingredients to exfoliate the skin. Follow with a warm towel to remove the mask.
  3. Continue with my favourite sheet mask of all time – Société Rejuvenating Peptide Mask. Remove after 20-30 minutes.
  4. Finish with 3-4 pumps of your favourite serums. I prefer a combination of SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum which combines Vitamin C and E + 17 additional antioxidant ingredients designed to provide a new level of comprehensive and dynamic defense against free radicals. You can swap with the Cosmedix Clarity Serum if your skin is more on the congested side.
  5. If you’re doing your facial in the morning, always finish with your usual moisturiser ( My personal favourite the Interfuse Treatment Cream) followed by the Dermaceutic K Ceutic Post Treatment Cream which also contains SPF 50.


How do I use my Detoxifying Scrub Mask from Skin Better Science?

Apply up to 3x/week. Apply a thick layer to clean, damp skin, avoiding the eye area. Massage gently with fingertips. For Normal to Oily Skin leave on for up to 15 minutes. For Normal to Dry Skin leave on for up to 3 minutes to start. You may increase the leave-on time in subsequent uses if desired. Rinse with warm water.