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6 Most Popular Skin & Anti Ageing Treatments for Men

23 May 2019




Gone are the days of men disregarding a skin care routine. Today’s man indulges in the tricks and treats women have known about for years to reduce wrinkles, minimise pores, decrease oil build up and maintain the skins moisture, avoiding the dreaded flaky dry problem that plagues so many of us. These treatments result is today’s man preserving the look of their younger years while navigating their way through the ageing process.



1. Facials

Popular among our male clientele, our Pro-Ageing Medi-Facial promotes healthy, youthful skin. The Protégé Elite is a radio frequency treatment that delivers noticeable results after just one session, which is perfect for the busy man. The treatment stimulates new collagen and elastin production which gives you a naturally refreshed appearance without the ‘worked’ on look.


2. Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and shaving rash! Laser hair removal for men is perfect for the busy, always on-the-go man, by saving time from shaving or waxing. One of the biggest benefits is avoiding skin irritation and ingrown hairs whilst being hair-free, anywhere you choose! Treatment is virtually painless and a session on a small area can be done in as little as 5 minutes.  Laser hair removal won’t work on grey hairs (as it targets the pigment in the hair follicle), so it’s best to start it sooner rather than later. Treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and sexy, making it a great beginner treatment as well as one for a seasoned skin-care pro.


3. Derma CIT Pen Treatment

Stepping it up in the skin care game, the Derma CIT Pen treatment comes from trusted experts in collagen therapies, designed to penetrate the skin and initialising would healing in the skin. This reaction promotes collagen and elastin production. Following treatment, it is expected that patients will experience some redness and a sunburnt like feel to their skin, followed by a rejuvenated, refreshed appearance.


4, LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a popular treatment amoung men as it kills vulgaris, the bacteria responsible for acne. The infrared light penetrates deep into the skin, assisting with inflammation whilst tightening skin. It rejuvenates the skin by promoting collagen production, treating sun-damage and reducing the appearance of fine lines and facial redness.  Treatment sessions run for approximately 20 minutes with zero downtime. This makes the treatment easy to complete on your lunch break for convenience and won’t interrupt your social commitments following the treatment.


5. Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections have perhaps become the most popular anti-ageing treatment for men. The treatment involves localised injections of a natural protein that relaxes the facial muscles, minimising wrinkles in the targeted area and delivering a younger look. The treatment is over quickly, approximately taking 15 minutes. Some redness, swelling and bruising can be expected as with all injectable treatments and should subside in a few days.


6. Dermal Fillers

Alongside anti-wrinkle injections are Dermal Fillers. Dermal Fillers work by restoring volume in lips, cheeks, skin folds, some wrinkles and hallows of eyes. By adding fillers (a naturally occurring sugar compound), a youthful look can be maintained. A topical anaesthetic is applied to the area to minimise discomfort before the procedure and following treatment some localised redness, swelling and bruising can be expected.


Our founder Fadia Dammous has been helping our clients achieve their aesthetic potential and healthy personal image for decades and continues to do so alongside our general manager Zena. Our trusted team has treated more than 10,000 men and women from throughout the Melbourne area and all across Australia with a strong commitment to quality services and client satisfaction.



We offer a complimentary consultation so we can analyse your skin, discuss your skin concerns and treatment goals. To book your complimentary consultation, you can call our clinic on (03) 9916 9631 or simply click on the button below to ask a question or book your free consultation online now.


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