Menopause & Skin

Navigate menopause with skin care solutions that understand and address your unique needs.

Menopause & Skin

Hormones significantly influence our health and well-being throughout our lives, impacting everything from our mood to our metabolism. Their role is particularly critical when it comes to fertility and the aging of our skin, especially as we near the age of 40. For those looking to conceive or maintain reproductive health, understanding and managing these hormonal shifts is crucial.

Hormonal changes not only affect fertility but also play a key role in skin aging. Estrogen, essential for maintaining skin elasticity and hydration, begins to decline around the age of 40. This decrease in estrogen can lead to more noticeable fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness because estrogen supports skin thickness and suppleness by stimulating collagen production and maintaining moisture levels. Moreover, reduced estrogen can slow down cell turnover, causing the skin to appear dull and less vibrant. Compounding this, increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, can accelerate skin aging by breaking down collagen, resulting in sagging and more pronounced wrinkles.

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At Medical Aesthetic, we recognize the complexities of skin care during menopause and have developed a multifaceted treatment program that leverages the latest research, technology, and our extensive expertise. This program includes both invasive and non-invasive options tailored to combat the effects of aging skin effectively.

Our ethos, “subtract before we add,” guides our approach, particularly in how we address volume loss that naturally occurs with aging. The aging process reshapes our skull, altering the structure that supports our skin. This, combined with fat pad atrophy, often results in diminished volume in the upper face and increased sagging in the mid to lower areas, such as hollowed temples and hooded eyelids. In cases where wrinkles and sagging around the eyes are pronounced, a surgical upper blepharoplasty may offer a lasting solution.

We also address changes like the deepening of nasolabial folds not by filling the folds themselves but by restoring the fat pad above them and improving skin laxity for more natural-looking results. Another common concern is the appearance of jowls or sagging along the jawline. Our approach here involves a combination of treatments, starting with Ultraformer III for non-invasive lifting and Morpheus 8 for more targeted, slightly invasive treatment. We then focus on the muscle layer, which significantly influences the downward pull of the face, and address the volume loss effectively.

By following our principle of subtracting before adding, we ensure a cost-effective, long-term result that enhances our clients’ natural beauty and restores their confidence in their appearance.

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