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Founded in 1984, we’ve been
changing lives for almost 40 years.

About Our Clinic

Our approach addresses both external appearance and internal wellness, reflecting our belief that true confidence and wellbeing encompass more than just surface level. We prioritise a collaborative effort, working closely with each client to design a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. By adopting a holistic view, we aim to achieve the best possible outcomes, addressing the changes in your skin and body comprehensively. We offer the following treatments to support your skin health journey:
• Skin Consultations
• Skin Rejuvention
• Anti-wrinkle and Volume Loss Consultations
• Vascular Laser
• Pigmentation Laser
• LED Light Therapy
• Ultraformer III
• Rejuran
• Morpheus8
We work closely with our network of Dermatologists, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Naturopaths, Integrative Doctors as well as GP’s to support our clients throughout their journey. No matter your age or concern, we aim to ensure you have the right support network around you to get the best results.

Medical Aesthetic was established 40 years ago by Registered Nurse – Fadia Dammous – on the foundation of hard work, continuous education and old fashioned customer service.

Following her tenure at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Fadia became fascinated with the beauty world and she began providing waxing and beauty services from the living room of her home. In 1984, with 3 small children and family being the most important thing to her, she decided to move into aesthetics full time and Medical Aesthetic was born.

This path led her to enroll in a beauty therapy course and later in 1999 travel to Europe, where she perfected her skills in the latest laser technologies. There, she received training from D.E.K.A., a leading laser manufacturer at the time and returned to Australia with advanced knowledge and her first ND:YAG Laser and IPL device. We have since invested over a million dollars in our technologies, which form a significant part of the business.

Around the same time, a new cosmetic treatment emerged on the market, now reffered to as anti-ageing or volume loss consultations that allowed the skin health treatments to be enhanced further with non-surgical cosmetic solutions. To date, these procedures have been performed over 140,000 times and counting in our clinic making Medical Aesthetic one of the most experienced providers of cosmetic treatments in Australia.

Today, our boutique clinic, nestled among the trees of Coventry Street in South Melbourne, is owned and operated by Zena, Fadia’s daughter. Zena ‘is a’ registered nurse since 2008 ‘who’ continues her mothers legacy by providing quality care and expertise to her clients.

Zena’s passion for aesthetics ignited in 2006 when she began her education covering a diverse range of laser treatments to tackle various skin concerns, including pigmentation, ageing, and vascularity. Following her registration as a nurse in 2008, Zena followed in her mother’s footsteps and journeyed to Europe to attend one of the foremost Aesthetic Training Institutes. There, she underwent training in the most advanced cosmetic procedures aimed at reducing wrinkles and restoring volume.

Zena and her team take pride in their years of experience and ongoing dedication to incorporate the latest technologies while prioritising safety and support for their clients journey to optimal skin health.

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Meet our team of experts

Our highly experienced team are pioneers in the field of laser hair removal, cosmetic skin treatments and cosmetic injectables.

  • Zena Dammous

    Cosmetic Nurse

  • Jacinta

    Dermal Clinician & Enrolled Nurse

  • Christina

    Dermal Clinician & Enrolled Nurse

  • Sofia


  • Skye

    Cosmetic Nurse

  • Antonia

    Operations Co-Ordinator

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We make advanced skincare easy to understand and easy to use, to help you develop your own effective skincare routine.

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