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Transgender Surgery with Dr Andy Ives

17 January 2022

Although many transgender, intersex and gender diverse people live healthy and happy lives, research has demonstrated that a disproportionate number experience poorer mental health outcomes due to stigma, prejudice, discrimination and abuse. Many mental health struggles can arise when an individual is experiencing gender dysphoria which is why transgender surgery is something that needs to be talked about a whole lot more than it is currently.

One of Australia’s most renowned gender reassignment surgeons is none other than Dr. Andrew Ives — a highly skilled plastic, reconstructive and gender reassignment surgeon with extensive experience. Mr Ives is passionate about the positive changes that plastic surgery can make in people’s lives and feels privileged to have such a rewarding career.

With over 20 years of surgical experience, Mr Ives’ comprehensive approach to patient care guarantees a safe and secure surgical experience. Mr Ives and his team handle all aspects of the surgical procedure with the utmost care and consideration, to ensure the best possible surgical outcome for each patient.

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