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How Can Laser Hair Removal Benefit Men?

24 May 2019

Laser hair removal often comes with a stigma attached to it that it is just for women, and men should stick to shaving; but it’s becoming increasingly popular for men to turn to laser hair removal as a convenient alternative to shaving (or even worse, waxing!). Here at Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic we have performed over 5,000 laser hair removal treatments on men since we first opened three decades ago. But how can laser hair removal benefit men?

The rate of all hair growth on the male body is approximately 1.25 centimetres per month, and if you take into account how unsightly neck, chest and back hair can become; laser hair removal is the best option. It provides safe, permanent and convenient removal of unwanted hair over the body and face.


Using a focused laser beam, laser hair removal for men works to damage the hair follicle, which in turn prevents the hair from any future regrowth. It is a precise treatment that will not affect the surrounding skin, meaning if there are any areas, e.g. eyebrows or sideburns that get out of control, these can be neatened up without the need for painful tweezing, shaving or


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Shaving can not only cause ingrown hairs, which are painful enough on their own, but this can lead on to shaving rashes and burn causing you a world of pain every time you shave. And don’t get us started on waxing! Laser hair removal for men is virtually pain-free, making it a great option and a permanent solution for removing unwanted hair.


If you’re hitting the gym daily, keeping up a buff body that the Hemsworth brothers would be envious of, it’s no use if it’s covered in hair. One of the great benefits of laser hair removal for men is to enhance muscle definition across the body, we are seeing this becoming increasingly popular in the upper arms, back and torso.

Laser hair removal for men reduces hair by up to 80% and on average men will need six treatments every 4-6 weeks to receive the full benefits of laser hair removal. At Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we are more than experienced with friendly skin care experts who are fully qualified to give you expert advice and treatment, contact our clinic today to begin your treatment.


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