Guys, are you still trapped in the vicious circle of shaving? That monotonous chore that over your lifetime can take up years of your time? We’re pretty sure you can think of better things to do than taking a blade to your skin everyday. There’s an easier way – laser hair removal and at Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic, it’s virtually painless thanks to our state-of-the-art Gentle laser technology.

There are so many benefits of mens laser hair removal, but to be un-biased, we’re going to give you both sides of the story so you can make your mind up for yourself. For the razor-wielding men out there, you’ll see below a list of pros and cons for going hair-free by laser versus shaving.


Pros (the good stuff) of Laser Hair Removal vs Shaving

  • LHR (laser hair removal) is typically 8-10 sessions (depending on your hair type and growth rate) and then maintenance sessions approximately every 6 months as required versus daily shaving for the rest of your life.
  • For men, the regrowth from shaving is often spikey, harsh and scratchy – not what you want “down there” when getting hot and steamy with your partner!
  • You can avoid shaving rash and ingrown hairs with LHR.
  • LHR with the Gentle laser is virtually painless.
  • You can have LHR done on just about anywhere. No need to worry about cuts from a razor blade in delicate areas.
  • No more blocked drains from the mountain of hair that comes off your body from shaving!


Cons (the not-so-good stuff) of Laser Hair Removal vs Shaving

  • In the short term LHR will cost you more than shaving but in the long run can save you big time.

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  • You will need to make time to visit Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic for your LHR treatment over the course of your treatment plan, however treatment sessions can be as short as 5 minutes depending on the area being treated and each session is usually around 4 weeks apart. The Gentle laser is one of the fastest options for LHR.
  • If you’ve got grey hair LHR won’t treat them as the laser is attracted to the dark pigment of hair follicle. You’ll need to pluck, wax or shave any left-over greys, or have LHR done before you go grey!


Next Steps

If you want to ditch the razor for a long-term, simple solution to become hair-free, then come in to see the laser hair removal experts at the best permanent laser hair removal in Melbourne. We treat lots of men and offer a free consultation where we will assess your skin and hair type, discuss a treatment plan with you and answer any questions that you have. Simply click on one of the buttons below to ask a question or book your complimentary consultation online now.

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