You may be wondering what a “pro-ageing” facial is, as facials are most commonly referred to as “anti-ageing”. Previously known as the “Anti-ageing Medi-facial”, we decided to flip the concept on its head and take a more positive approach to age management. Why can’t we embrace ageing, and do it with grace, dignity and above all great healthy skin?

Ageing is a process that is both intrinsic and extrinsic meaning that environment, diet, healthy lifestyle and wellness all play a role alongside our genetics. At Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we are all about age management. Achieving natural-looking and beautiful results with regular treatments and by using the right combination for your skin.



Our PRO-Ageing Medi-Facial is a complex treatment performed by senior clinicians. With noticeable results following just one session, it is easy to see why this treatment is a favourite among our clients. The dramatic results are driven by, Protégé Elite; a Radio Frequency treatment that heats up the skin to stimulate new collagen and elastin fibres, as well as nourish the skin with a deep hydration gel. This is what makes each treatment so successful plus there is the highly regarded benefit of no downtime following treatment. Previously, alternative “super-facials” have meant a very painful treatment followed by days to weeks of recovering from traumatised skin. This is not the case with our treatment.



  1. The first step is to exfoliate, removing the superficial layers to cleanse away dead skin cells. This is essential to the process because new keratinocytes grow at the lowest level of the epidermis. In order to reach the healthy cells that are alive, we remove the dead ones first before proceeding to the next stage.
  2. During the next stage, we heat the skin using radio frequency, Protégé Elite. This therapeutic temperature stimulates the body’s own healing process, producing new collagen and elastin, tightening the skin and delivering an overall more youthful look. This treatment has no downtime and results are as amazing as more aggressive treatments.
  3. To finish the treatment, we hydrate the skin. Your clinician will apply hydrating serums and creams that are specific to your skins’ individual needs, your skin type, age and any concerns.



At Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we are all about the natural ageing process. We believe in feeding the skin the best ingredients possible to ensure optimal results and healthy skin. We use Dermaviduals (based on Corneotherapy) as it is a nasty-free range that delivers potent ingredients into the skin.

Our philosophy is based on our director’s knowledge and experience from over 30 years in the industry. We believe that each client is different and as such, a bespoke and continuously evolving treatment plan for each client achieves the best results possible. As a result, our director Fadia has provided treatments to her regular clientele for over 10 years.



We offer a free consultation where we will analyse your skin, answer any questions that you have and recommend a tailored treatment plan.  To get in touch to book your complimentary consultation and discuss your individual concerns and needs, call our clinic on (03) 9916 9631 or simply click on the button below to ask a question or book your complimentary consultation online now.

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We now offer payment plans for our clients to make that youthful glow even more achievable for everyone.


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