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Discover Rejuran, an innovative injectable skin rejuvenation treatment that has taken the beauty world by storm. Originally introduced in Korea in 2014, it quickly gained popularity across Asia. Now, as of February 2024, Rejuran has received TGA approval for use in Australia, bringing its transformative benefits to Medical Aesthetic in Melbourne, where it is administered exclusively by our qualified registered nurses.

What Makes Rejuran Unique?

Rejuran is a groundbreaking injectable skin treatment that contains Polynucleotides, which is derived from the DNA fragments of Salmon. Packed with bioactive Polynucleotide molecules, Rejuran acts as a skin-booster, enhancing cell repair and collagen production. By harnessing nature’s own compatibility with these molecules, Rejuran promotes elasticity, hydration, and a youthful glow, all while reducing inflammation in the skin.

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How Does Rejuran Work?

Rejuran works wonders by kickstarting your skin’s fibroblasts, encouraging them to produce more collagen in the upper dermal layers. This natural process results in tighter, thicker skin with improved healing and regeneration, ultimately leading to a more youthful appearance.

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What are the Benefits of Rejuran?

Rejuran isn’t just another skincare trend – it’s a game-changer. Its exceptional ability to repair damaged skin cells reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven texture while boosting hydration. You will see healthier, plumper-looking skin with minimal downtime.

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Rejuran Treatment Areas

Rejuran is a versatile injectable treatment that can be applied on the face, neck and hands to treat common skin problems such as dehydration and uneven texture. It is also an excellent treatment for scars, especially acne scars. There are 3 variations of Rejuran available, Healer, I and Scar. Each has it’s own unique properties and indications. Speak to one of our friendly nurses to find out which Rejuran treatment is best for you.

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Rejuran Pricing: Your Path to Radiant Skin

At Medical Aesthetic, we offer all three variants of Rejuran, tailored to suit your unique needs. During your complimentary consultation, our nurses will assess your skin and provide detailed pricing for your personalised treatment plan. Prices start from $640 for Rejuran Classic (Rejuran Healer) and $440 for Rejuran I and Rejuran Scar, depending on your specific concerns.

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Results from Rejuran are cumulative over weeks and months, especially when a series of treatments is taken at the beginning. The longevity of the effects can vary according to your lifestyle, severity of skin conditions, age, and overall health. You can repeat treatments every 6–12 months to help maintain your results.

No. The Polynucleotide in Rejuran stimulates the natural collagen production in your skin, whereas dermal fillers deliver fullness and volume to the skin.

Yes, given that they act through differing mechanisms, both Rejuran and Bioremodeller can be combined together in a synergistic skin treatment package. You can discuss this with a qualified dermal clinician at your free initial skin consultation at Medical Aesthetic.

Rejuran Healer is highly effective at promoting skin rejuvenation and healing. It is an excellent treatment for skin conditions like acne, scarring and ageing and is certainly worth considering.

Slight discomfort may be felt during and immediately after the treatment. To minimise any discomfort, Rejuran is normally delivered using ultra-fine needles.

As registered nurses we are fortunate to be able to offer our clients a much more comfortable experience. Our protocols include the application of a compounded, topical anaesthetic that is applied onto the treatment area 30 minutes prior to treatment. We may also include a local anaesthetic injection if and when required to ensure patient comfort throughout the treatment process. This critical factor sets us apart from others who may be performing this treatment without the use of anaesthetic.

Plump & tighter skin with a natural glow

Results last from 12-24 months

Performed by experienced cosmetic nurses

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