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Ultraformer III

The world’s number one ultrasound lifting, tightening, and contouring system

Ultraformer III

Ultraformer III (also known simply as HIFU) is the latest non-surgical, non-invasive age-management treatment to hit Australia. This treatment uses revolutionary third generation HIFU technology for firming, lifting and contouring of the skin.


At Medical Aesthetic, you can discover the remarkable benefits of Ultraformer III for yourself, right here in our South Melbourne clinic. We have a skilled team of registered nurses and bachelor qualified dermal clinicians who can help tailor the best treatment plan for reaching your aesthetic goals. 

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Benefits of Ultraformer III

Women and men who are looking for an effective age-management solution choose Ultraformer III because:

  • Ultraformer III is the ultimate non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound waves target deep layers of the skin without damaging the surface of your skin – so you can enjoy a fast and comfortable treatment without the downtime or recovery period of other procedures.
  • Ultraformer III is highly versatile – procedures safely and effectively target multiple areas and concerns on the face as well as the body. Ultraformer III addresses many skin concerns, such as jowles, laxity, sagging, loss of elasticity, and stubborn areas of fat such as the double chin. Whatever your needs, we can customise treatment to suit you.
  • Ultraformer III stimulates your own collagen production to give a natural, more youthful look. You may see immediate results after the first treatment, though full effects will develop over two to three months as your skin regenerates.
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How Ultraformer Works

Ultraformer III cleverly emits focused ultrasound waves deep into the skin, generating heat called “thermal coagulation points”. This heat stimulates collagen fibres to contract, tighten and form new collagen. As a result,  fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and sagging skin is firmed and tightened.  In fact, from your first treatment alone, you may notice improved elasticity and firmness of your skin.

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Ultraformer Treatment Areas

Ultraformer effectively targets multiple layers of the skin with wavelengths ranging from 6mm to 1.5mm in depth. This targets several causes of aging all in one treatment, including muscle layer (SMAS), deep and superficial fat pads, as well as skin tightening. Treatments can focus on improving face contours, such as jawline/jowls, double chin, loose under eye skin and overall lifting. The beauty of Ultraformer III is that it can be safely used anywhere you’d like firmer skin.

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For a more youthful, natural, aesthetic appearance without downtime, Ultraformer III delivers the best results whether you are wanting to prevent ageing or reverse the clock. Book a consultation for Ultraformer in our South Melbourne clinic today with one of our team and discover what this procedure can do for you.

Yes, Ultraformer works because the procedure targets your skin’s deep layers, stimulating your own natural collagen production. With increased collagen, you can expect to see improvements in skin tone, skin elasticity and skin firmness.

The results can last up to 1 year or longer, depending on your skin condition, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. We recommend between 1-3 treatments to achieve maximum results. Ongoing annual maintenance is recommended.

Face treatment procedures vary between 20-50 minutes based on the targeted area.

Body treatment procedures vary between 30-60 minutes based on the targeted areas.

You can complete this treatment in your lunchbreak and with no downtime you can return to work straight away!

While the Ultraformer procedure is well tolerated by most, you may feel some mild discomfort, such as tingling, warmth, or prickling sensations. We offer several methods of comfort to reduce pain during your treatment.

Ultraformer III leverages 3rd generation high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to achieve outstanding results with less pain than other devices on the market. Other devices also use HIFU, but Ultraformer is the most advanced device available, delivering the best results.

The results of Ultraformer may be visible following the first treatment and will only continue to improve over several months as the collagen rebuilds and regenerates your skin. You can expect to see an improvement from 4 to 12 weeks following your treatment.

After just one Ultraformer session you will see results, your skin will be tightened and lifted due to the increase in elastin and collagen. Visible results after 1 Ultraformer treatment with ongoing improvement for up to 6 months, and lasting 1 year or more.

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