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Ultraformer III

The world’s number one ultrasound lifting, tightening, and contouring system

How it Works

The Ultraformer III is the world’s number one ultrasound lifting, tightening, and contouring system: the latest in non-surgical skin tightening technology.

Ultraformer III is the premium multi-functional ultrasound device, offering both face and neck tightening and body contouring. This device utilises micro-focused ultrasound energy to instantly contract collagen fibres and promote long-term collagen growth for a natural, lifted look without the downtime.

Areas such as the neck, eyelids, chin, jawline, brows, armpits, stomach, and thighs are all prone to wrinkling, this will lift under the ultrasound technology of the Ultraformer instantly. And the bonus is that it can be performed over 30 minutes in a lunchtime break with no down-time, minimal side-effects and is almost completely pain free.

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  • Face
  • Armpits
  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Eyes and brow lift
  • Neck
  • Decolletage
  • Double Chin
  • Body

Utilising HIFU technology with Micro and Macro Focused cartridges, the Ultraformer addresses signs of ageing to restore youth and confidence to patients around the world.

High-peak power means ultrasound energy is delivered effectively into the target area without heat diffusion to surrounding tissue. This produces the best clinical results, faster treatment times and increased comfort during treatment.

Coagulative temperatures of 60-70° contracts and activates the skin’s immune healing process, making way for collagen regeneration and remodelling for that lifted, tighter look that everyone is raving about.

Face treatment procedures vary between 20-50 minutes based on the targeted area.

Body treatment procedures vary between 30-60 minutes based on the targeted areas.

You can complete this treatment in your lunchbreak and with no downtime you can return to work straight away!

Many patients and practitioners report that the Ultraformer delivers nothing more than mild discomfort

We recommend having a consultation with one of our therapists prior to having this treatment done. This allows for the therapist to determine whether this treatment is right for you and your concerns.

While very uncommon, side effects can occur but are very mild and temporary. Your skin may appear slightly red for 30 minutes to an hour after your treatment, but this redness usually disappears before you leave our clinic.

After just one Ultraformer session you will see results, your skin will be tightened and lifted due to the increase in elastin and collagen. Visible results after 1 Ultraformer treatment with ongoing improvement for up to 6 months, and lasting 1 year or more.


Ultraformer III

The world’s number one ultrasound lifting, tightening, and contouring system.
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Latest in non-surgical skin tightening technology

Face and neck tightening

Body contouring

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