Brazilian laser hair removal treatments have become one of the most requested treatments for both men and women alike. So, what exactly is a Brazilian? A full Brazilian refers to the removal of all pubic hair on both men and women. Providing a long-term solution to unwanted hair down there. There are many benefits to this treatment and below we have outlined six of the most popular reasons to go for a Brazilian….it just might change your life!




1. 100% no more ingrown hairs!

As laser hair removal targets the hair follicles and restricts their future growth, there are no hairs around to become ingrown. Ingrown hairs can be painful, uncomfortable and leave you feeling apprehensive about what you wear to the beach, or how much skin you want to flash. By removing the hair at the follicle, you can completely avoid any future ingrown hairs.


2. Smoother skin texture & no more scarring

Because LHR stops ingrown hairs from forming, it also stops the cause of long term scarring that is an unfortunate side effect of reoccurring ingrown hairs so the sooner you start treatments, the better. Additionally, by avoiding that bumpy, red, shaving rash and spikey regrowth, you are left with an all over smoother skin texture.


3. No more waxing appointments or shaving rash!

Waxing may be a quick and easy solution to unwanted body hair, but the results are short lived and you have to grow out the hairs between monthly appointments. The average Brazilian wax can cost around $60 for women and $80 for men every 4 weeks. This cost quickly accumulates and becomes rather excessive over time. Laser hair removal continuously saves you more money as time goes on with no more need for those expensive wax appointments.

Shaving is the other obvious path for easy hair removal but shaving the Brazilian area does come with problems and potential hazards! Nobody wants a nick or cut in their Brazilian area (ouch!) and the same can be said for shaving rash. Not only is shaving rash unsightly, it can be itchy and uncomfortable. Eliminating hair down there by laser removes the chance for shaving rash even occurring, making it a life changing hair removal option.


4. Hygienic improvement

Many people now days prefer to go completely hair free. It can leave you feeling fresher for longer, particularly in the warmer Australian climate, and the removal of skin irritations, rashes and ingrown hairs that shaving and waxing can cause has an added hygienic element.


5. You’re always ready for a P Diddy boat party

Right place, right time….always be prepared for the unexpected. Knowing that your skin is always boat party ready can give you that extra bit of confidence and sass. With a lasered Brazilian you’ll be all set to dance the night away baring as much skin as you dare!


6. Hair-free Holidays!

Imagine not having to worry about shaving or waxing while on holiday. No searching for a waxing salon whilst on holiday in a foreign country or the fear of getting a bad wax from an unknown salon. Laser hair elimination before you go on holiday means you can be 100% hair carefree! Wherever your next adventure takes you, having a silky smooth Brazilian area gives you the freedom to do whatever you choose!



The gold-standard solution for long term removal of pubic hair is laser hair removal. At Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we understand the frustration that ingrown hairs can cause and the impact of unwanted hair growth and we have the leading technology – the Gentle series from Syneron Candela – which offers comfortable and fast hair removal treatments.

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