It is often assumed that laser hair removal is a treatment suitable only for women but we’re here to tell you otherwise! Laser is a convenient option for men that takes the hassle out of shaving and is significantly less painful than waxing. In fact, since we opened over 33 years ago, we have performed treatments on over 5,000 male clients.


So, how else can laser hair removal benefit men?



Doesn’t laser hair removal hurt?


No, laser hair removal doesn’t hurt. In fact, the alternative methods are much worse! Shaving rash, ingrown hairs, waxing- not only are these options much more painful, they cause nasty inflammation. Laser hair removal sends gentle currents down the hair follicle, which causes a sensation of heat or a slight zapping on the skin that is virtually pain free. We also use a cooling treatment alongside the laser to make it even more comfortable. Laser hair removal is a perfect, long-term hair removal option for men.




Isn’t it expensive?


A common misconception is that laser hair removal for men is expensive. While this used to be true, it is becoming increasingly popular making it a much more affordable. The prices at Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic start from just $55, but we also have regular promotions as well as ongoing package deals. This means you can easily snap up a bargain to make permanent hair reduction even more affordable.




Does it really work? And is it really permanent?


The hair on the male body grows at approximately 1.25 centimetres per month. When you consider that hair is likely to grow on the neck, chest and back, this can quickly become unsightly and even uncomfortable- think neck stubble scratching against your collar. That’s where laser hair removal comes in. It provides a safe, convenient reduction in hair growth and can be used on both the face and body. While it doesn’t permanently stop your hair from growing, after 6-8 treatments you should see around an 80% reduction. Once you have completed this initial treatment plan, it is likely you will only need 3-4 maintenance treatments every 12 months to maintain a hair-free body.




Do guys really get it done? Isn’t it just for athletes/cyclists?


Laser hair removal is for everyone- and recently there has been a rise in the amount of male clients who are having the treatment performed. Hair is an inconvenient problem and it’s not just athletes who want to remove it!

However, if you’ve been hitting the gym on a regular basis, hair removal is a great way to emphasise results by highlighting muscle definition. This is becoming increasingly popular in areas such as the upper arms, torso and back. Your mates will be envious!




Laser hair removal for men reduces hair growth by up to 80%, with an average of six treatments needed every 4-6 weeks. Here at Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic, we offer a free consultation to advise you of a personalised treatment plan based on your hair growth.

Plus, our Winter Specials make it even more affordable to achieve hair-free skin!


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