Many women have probably endured a waxing session at least once during their lifetime. But many of us may not have considered more effective forms of hair removal such as laser hair treatment. Below are our top five reasons why you should consider making the change to how to remove hair from body permanently for female.


The first major difference between the two techniques is that waxing is only a temporary solution to unwanted body hair. This can often be the key factor driving women to switch to laser hair removal. After as little as 6-8 sessions, many individuals can see a noticeable reduction in the regrowth of hair and over time, hair growth can be permanently reduced by as much as 90%.



Many of us tend to assume that laser hair removal is an expensive treatment that only a lucky few can afford. The fact is that due to the developments in the technology and the growth in popularity of the treatment, laser hair removal is no longer as expensive as you may think. When you compare the number of treatments required over the period of a year to the number of waxing sessions you currently pay for, laser treatments are often the cheaper option. When you also take into consideration that when paying for these laser treatments, you are permanently reducing hair growth, it becomes clear that laser hair removal is the better option.


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Not only are laser hair removal appointments often shorter than a waxing session, but over time, you will also require fewer appointments. While you may need to undergo a waxing session every 4-6 weeks, this is not the case when it comes to laser hair removal. The first 1-3 sessions may be in this time frame to start off with, however, as the amount of hair reduces, a session every few months may be all you need to fight the fuzz.



We all know of or have experienced the pain associated with waxing, it hurts! The good news is that although laser treatment is not totally pain-free, it is a lot more comfortable than waxing. Any pain that you may experience through laser hair treatment will also become less noticeable with the more treatments you undergo, as there will be less hair in the area being treated. This we find is especially welcome by men for male brazilian!



Thanks to laser hair removal, gone are the days of having the grow out body hair prior to a waxing appointment. Not only is this regrowth period inconvenient, it can also make us feel unhygienic and self-conscious. Laser hair removal does not require this regrowth and you are able to shave as normal throughout your treatment. You are also advised to shave on the morning of your appointment so the laser can treat the hair follicle effectively.

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